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Amanda founded Beyond Brokenness after navigating several dark seasons and finding healing with the help of the Holy Spirit and the three principles in which Beyond Brokenness is rooted in: Dismantling Lies, Uncovering Truth, and Launching into Freedom. 

Although she is formally trained, her passion was birthed from a place of brokenness, desperation, intentional healing, and eventual triumph. Her  story is just like yours. She desires to walk with you through your most intimate, vulnerable, and transformative moments because she knows firsthand the power awaiting one who chooses to heal.

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Amanda is the founder of Beyond Brokenness, owner of Living Waters Counseling and Wellness Center, and visionary behind The Beyond Brokenness Retreat.  

If you've ever needed someone to just "get it" because they've been there and not because they read a book or two Amanda is your girl. 


Amanda helps those who are broken, fearful, in bondage, void of love, and confused transition into a place full of the lavish love of God, wholeness, confidence, freedom, and courage. She helps those who desire to access life beyond the brokenness of their past experience a life of purpose. She does this through individual coaching, group coaching, counseling, creating meaningful workshops and events, educating, writing, and using her voice. 


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