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Would you believe it if someone told you there was fullness of joy, abundant life, purpose, and peace Beyond Brokenness? Doesn't seem likely? 


Amanda will make you a believer.

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There are times in life when we will experience moments of pain, trauma, and betrayal that will seek to shake us at our core. If we are not careful they won’t only be moments that happened to us, they will become moments that live within us leading us to brokenness. The vulnerability of pain can easily set us on a path where we cling to a false identity. We no longer remember who we were before the trauma; therefore, we choose to hold tightly to what we now know to be familiar.


One of the main areas impacted by emotional and spiritual brokenness is our ability to move forward. We become stuck due to our familiarity with living a broken life. It is where we find safety. Anything outside of brokenness seems scary, too good to be true, or otherwise unattainable. 


Beyond Brokenness is all about movement. 


Amanda sets out to help you dismantle your false identity rooted in brokenness, uncover the truth of who you are, and launch you into new realms of freedom with the help of the Holy Spirit as one who has been found Beyond Brokenness.

Beyond Brokenness is about


My husband and I were so hesitant about going to therapy because our first marriage counseling did not end so well. We were new to the Raleigh area and didn’t know anyone. We just knew we needed to focus on our marriage. We started seeing Ms. Amanda for marriage counseling and my husband and I clicked with her so well. She listened to all of our problems and immediately put us to work in our marriage. From day one, we enjoyed all of our sessions and felt so relieved at the end of each one. Even when things got heated in sessions, Ms. Amanda was the perfect mediator in resolving our problems. She is kind, patient, understanding, and she listens! I am so glad I googled “therapists near me” and was matched with her!

Amanda has been a blessing and so refreshing to speak with, previously I had never had an African American Therapist who was both around my age, could share in my experiences as an African American while understanding how my faith impacts me. She has a way of listening with sincerity that makes you feel totally at ease but she will also challenge you in a healthy way. Her education of mental health is excellent. Amanda can explain deep seated issues therapeutically in a way that is understandable and relatable. She has an intent on learning about you as to give you a plan that fits you specifically. She has been wonderful and even her ambition as an entrepreneur is inspiring and empowering to see. Amanda, thank you for being the kind soul and intelligent professional that you are, you have impacted this man from New Jersey, and North Carolina is lucky to have you and your expertise. God has placed you here for such a time as this. If you haven't connected with Amanda by now I am not sure what you are waiting for!

In 2021, I started on a journey towards becoming a healthier version of myself. This included reading books, listening to podcasts, and starting therapy. I’d heard lots of positive things about therapy from family and friends which encouraged me to seek it out for myself. I’m so thankful that I found Amanda. She’s been very helpful in pushing me towards my goals. As a result of being in therapy, I’ve branched out and started meeting new people. I rediscovered my love of writing. And I’m even thinking about starting a business! Therapy is not just an avenue for when things go wrong in your life. It can propel you into becoming a better version of yourself. So thankful to Amanda for her strategies and encouragement.

S. Atkinson 

client since 2020

J. Murphy
client since 2021

K. Polley
client since 2021

I'm Ready to Move Beyond Brokenness

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